I have been using SFREP since the 90's with the DOS program.  It has always been a stable and efficient platform and all the better with the newest version just released.  I did switch once to Alamode as we felt they were getting ahead but quickly found out that all the bells and whistles were just getting in the way and we switched back to SFREP - no regrets.

  • Eric Kennedy

SFREP is the only appraisal software I've ever used. It has always been reliable and dependable. Updates have always been installed seamlessly. I know other software may have more features, but SFREP has more features than I need. A big part of SFREP is their technical support. I have had minor tech issues in my 25 years of usage that have been resolved quickly.
Thank You SFREP

  • James S ( Steve) Maxwell, Appraiser

    Marion, Illinois

Attention All Appraisers: IF you are looking for the most dynamic software company that provides OUTSTANDING service, day and evening, weekends too, AND you get quick attention as well from them, this is the company you want to align with! I've been with them for most of my 34-year career, and they've never once let me down, never have I ever thought to change or switch companies. And their newest appraisal suite, Appraise-It Pro is fantastic! Works very well and helps out the reporting process in so many ways. They've earned every one of these 5 golden stars from our group! Thank you SFREP!!

  • Richard Becker

    Becker Appraisal Service, Oregon.

Appraise-It Pro is a very good program. It is simple and straightforward. After using Classic, I don't know why you would wait to switch to Appraise-it Pro. This program is easy to learn and use. There was no tradeoff or down time from learning Pro and getting my work out.

  • Guy Delatte

SFREP gives top notch service. Value received is above dollars spent. Tech Support accessible and ready to help with any issue. I have been a customer for the past 27 years

  • Guy Manwaring

Appraise-It Pro is nothing short of Awesome!

  • Frank Lucco, SRA, HMFIC

[Appraise-It Pro] really is a major leap forward. SFREP put a lot of thought into the workflow and how to make the appraiser more efficient.

  • Ernie Durbin, SRA, AI-RRS, CRP

I had a major problem, some computer guy erased my appraisal program, I called tech support, [they] reinstalled my program, made sure everything was working got me back on track, been with SFREP for over 20 years, would not change, for the most part due to the great tech support.

  • Tom Welker

If you want a form filling software you have many to choose from. If you want fast, hands on, dependable support you have only 1, SFREP.

  • Rick Sutliffe

I have been using SFREP Appraise-It since 1998. There is no better software or support on the market today. Appraise-It appraisal software is the cornerstone of my appraisal business. The constant innovation by SFREP keeps my appraisal reports consistent with all the new UAD requirements. Their tech support is great and always has a timely answer for any software issues. Thanks for such a terrific product.

  • Bill D.

    Maryland Appraiser

I have a new computer and [tech support] was able to load the new SFREP software, and lots of old files and [they] did an amazing job!! Just wanted to say thanks for a great job!!

  • Hugo Dittfach III

I have been a user of SFREP's Appraise-It for 10+ years now and I can say with reassuring confidence that this software enables me to perform appraisal reports and analyze data in a very efficient and speedy manner. The software is very user friendly and not hard to learn enabling the user to flow through the forms with speed and accuracy. The customer service and technical support (which is not needed very often) is first and foremost first class. Any support needed is handled with professionalism and SFREP's employees go above and beyond to assist with any problems you may have and even have gone as far enough to fix "MY" computer over the Internet to insure that their software is performing at optimum levels! This is software for appraisers developed by appraisers!

  • Brent Deshautelle

When computers came and software was a must, I had a choice from several companies to start with in this new technology. I choose SFREP, it was fairly new, as I was, and I felt we could grow together. In choosing I not only got a great company, but I was welcomed as member of a family, a caring family, and over the years that’s how I have been treated. The tech support they provide is second to none and time a very important issue with appraisers, down time is costly. SFREP's tech support is responsive and extremely knowledgeable which minimizes your down time, they are the best. I couldn't think of an appraisal software company any better.

  • Bruce LaValley

    BCL Appraisal Services
    Plattsburgh, NY

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