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Appraise-It Pro

Nobody understands an appraiser’s needs more than another appraiser. That’s why Wayne Pugh developed one of the first form-filling software applications in 1983. Today, the Appraise-It Pro software suite continues that forward-thinking vision with speed, ease of use, and appraiser productivity in mind. Built on Microsoft’s latest Windows technology, Appraise-It Pro sets a new standard for sleek, well-considered design that’s extremely powerful yet easy to learn and use.

Inspired by Microsoft Office, the modern and intuitive design is pleasing to the eye while making it easy to find what you need, when you need it. With our unique approach to handling UAD formatting, you remain in complete control but have help when you need it.

Included in All Subscriptions

Comp Manager

Appraise-It Pro’s Comp Manager makes it easy to collect and organize all the comparable information and photos used throughout your appraisal reports. A unique drag-and-drop user interface with graphical info cards representing comp, listing, and subject properties lets you see all your search results at a glance. The best part? Indexing and filing all the addresses and photos you use is automatic.

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Image Manager

The Image Manager in Appraise-It Pro makes managing and using your property photos a breeze. Just point it to your camera, card reader, or photos directory and effortlessly drag and drop your pictures into your reports.

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Sketch-It is an easy-to-use, streamlined sketching solution that is a favorite of our longtime customers. It has all the features you want in a sketching program: keyboard and mouse drawing, labeling, interior wall support, and a multitude of icons. Best of all, it’s included with Appraise-It Pro at no additional charge!

Included in All Subscriptions


A more advanced but very affordable sketching solution made specifically for Appraise-It Pro, with better support for high-resolution monitors and support for multiple sketch pages.

Included in Gold and Platinum Subscriptions


The term "AIReady" applies to appraisal reports that have been converted to a special format (often called an ENV file) used by lenders that have adopted the AppraisalPort system made by the company FNC, Inc.

AppraisalPort delivery is unique because your client does not receive the actual PDF you created using your formfilling software. Instead, AppraisalPort takes the unformatted data and images from your appraisal and reconstructs the report in the AIReady format. With AppraisalPort, it's the data that's important—not necessarily the appearance. Therefore, it's a very structured system and has limitations regarding what can and can't be included in the report that's delivered using the plugin.

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Street Maps

SFREP’s industry-leading mapping software is included with all Appraise-It Pro plans at no additional charge. Label your subject, comps, and listings with arrows or info/photo bubbles, draw out neighborhood boundaries, and transfer to an unlimited number of map addenda in Appraise-It Pro.

Included in All Subscriptions

Flood Maps

Whether you are just grabbing flood plain information for your subject or getting a full flood map, Appraise-It Pro’s flood mapping provides industry-trusted flood data from CoreLogic’s FloodInsights service. You can add arrows and info bubbles to enhance your map’s look and feel for a polished and professional final product.

Included in Gold and Platinum Subscriptions

Market Analysis Service

With just a few simple clicks, the Appraise-It Market Analysis Service will integrate your local MLS data smoothly into your appraisal by filling in the 1004MC data grid and enhancing your appraisal report with detailed analysis, graphical charts, and comment addenda.

Included in Gold and Platinum Subscriptions


BuildFax helps you understand property condition and history, including major components like roof, electrical, and plumbing. It also provides data on construction history and neighborhood trends with easy-to-understand graphs added directly into your appraisal report.

Included in All Subscriptions

Total Connect by CoreLogic

SFREP and CoreLogic have partnered to allow you to upload completed reports from Appraise-It Pro directly to the CoreLogic Mercury Network with TOTAL Connect.

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Modern software built for appraiser sketching needs. Use more services by Apex such as Sketch to Imagery Analysis and Sketch Geo-referencing, etc. To learn more visit

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SFREP and Bradford Technologies’ mobile iPad app, Inspect-a-Lot, gives you the tools you need to take notes, sketch, and get photos in the field. When you’re done, wirelessly transfer everything into your Appraise-it Pro report. Search for Inspect-a-Lot in the iPad app store to try it today!

Included in Platinum Subscription

SFREP Websites

Take your business to the next level with these professional SFREP Websites built just for Appraisers like you, and at an affordable monthly rate. To discover how to put the power of your own website to work for you Click here.

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Marshall & Swift Estimator

Swift Estimator gives you fast, reliable valuations right at your fingertips. Comprehensive and easy to use, it’s a powerful automated resource that contains all the data needed to accurately estimate any residence’s value, including single-family homes, low-rise multi-family dwellings, townhomes, duplexes, and manufactured homes.

View more add-on products was created to seamlessly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete an appraisal report. Search, review and import real-time MLS data with images to improve report consistency. Modify your search to save time, download your data, and transfer everything to your report easily. Try a free demo today with your Appraise-It Pro subscription.

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System Requirements

Our system requirements are as straightforward as our software: If your computer runs a supported version of Windows, the Appraise-It Pro suite is good to go!

  • Windows 11 *
  • Windows 10 version 1607 or newer *
  • Windows 8.1 Update 1

* Windows on ARM is not supported

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