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Our free online training videos are the most affordable way to learn our software. Below you will find our training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of topics from using the newest features in Appraise-It to adding maps and photos to your report.

Facebook Live: SFREP Websites Webinar

Need a company website? SFREP has you covered! Visit for more information!

SFREP Websites

Soon, SFREP will begin offering website design and creation as part of our commitment to supporting our customers from end to end. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming webinars and Q&A’s on how we can create professional, interactive website for you and your business to help you be even more successful in the years to come.

Appraise It Pro Webinar - March 9, 2018

Get a sneak peek at the almost complete new version of Appraise-It! (MK2)

Using Sketch32

A detailed look at using Sketch32, a mid-range sketching product from SFREP.

Appraise It Pro Webinar - March 9, 2018

Get a sneak peek at the almost complete new version of Appraise-It!

Webinars Live on Facebook with no Facebook Account

Whenever we stream one of our SFREP live webinars on Facebook, we usually get a few calls asking if someone with no Facebook account can watch. The answer is yes!

Using Sketch-It

A how-to video on using the basic sketching program included in the Appraise-It Subscription Plan.

Using Appraise-It's Comp Manager

In this video, we go over using Appraise-It's Comp Manager to manage automatically indexed records and how to create your own.

Using the CLVS Connection in Appraise-It

A quick how-to on using the new CoreLogic CLVS Connection in SFREP's Appraise-It. This updated product replaces the old RELS / CoreLogic VSS.

Appraise-It Pro First Look: Printing and Exporting

In this First Look video, we take a look at the new printing and XML export methods in the new Appraise-It Pro!

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