BuildFax delivered directly
into your appraisal reports

BuildFax reports include a summary of permit activity on the
subject and comparable properties.

SFREP Build Fax

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Using the CLVS Connection in Appraise-It Pro

A quick how-to on using Core Logic's CLVS connection in Appraise-It Pro.

What's New in Appraise-It Pro 1.6

Learn what's new in Appraise-It Pro version 1.6!

CLVS in Appraise-It Pro

A quick video on how to use the CLVS upload service in Appraise-It Pro.


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Our Software

Flood Maps

Appraise-It Flood Maps quickly and easily generates high quality flood maps and gathers demographic data.


Building and permit data reports for subject and comparable properties that integrate directly into your report.

Market Analysis

Fills in the 1004MC data grid and enhances your appraisal report by adding detailed analysis, charts and comment addendums.

Marshall & Swift

A recognized source for your cost data.

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