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Our free online training videos are the most affordable way to learn our software. Below you will find our training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of topics from using the newest features in Appraise-It to adding maps and photos to your report.

Appraise It Pro Webinar - March 9, 2018

Get a sneak peek at the almost complete new version of Appraise-It! (MK2)

Using Sketch32

A detailed look at using Sketch32, a mid-range sketching product from SFREP.

Webinars Live on Facebook with no Facebook Account

Whenever we stream one of our SFREP live webinars on Facebook, we usually get a few calls asking if someone with no Facebook account can watch. The answer is yes!

Using Sketch-It

A how-to video on using the basic sketching program included in the Appraise-It Subscription Plan.

Using Appraise-It's Comp Manager

In this video, we go over using Appraise-It's Comp Manager to manage automatically indexed records and how to create your own.

Appraise-It Pro First Look: Printing and Exporting

In this First Look video, we take a look at the new printing and XML export methods in the new Appraise-It Pro!

Using Inspect-a-Lot for the iPad with Appraise-It

Everything you need to know about using our new Inspect-a-Lot app for the iPad with Appraise-It!

Inspect-A-Lot Promo

Available now! Download FREE from the iPad app store to try it out and call SFREP sales at 800-523-0872 to integrate with Appraise-It today!

CoreLogic VSS Uploader

In this video, we will go over how to send reports through the CoreLogic VSS Uploader in Appraise-It.

First Look: Building New Reports in Appraise-It Pro

In this video, we take a look at the process of building a new report by adding both major and minor forms and addenda to it.

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