Marshall & Swift Estimator

If you prepare a cost approach on some or all of the properties you appraise, you must have a recognized source for your cost data. Certainly, you can extract this data from new transactions. However, trying to break down the costs of porches, car storage and site improvements is tricky and time consuming. You can also survey contractors of similar properties for comparative cost estimates.

Swift Estimator is seamlessly integrated so that a complete 1007 Cost Estimate form is completely filled out. All appropriate cost data is transferred to the Cost Approach section of the form, again no typing.

Marshall & Swift Estimator When your clients expect you to deliver an appraisal report within a compressed time period, you do not have the time necessary to develop your own cost data. Precisely, this is where Marshall & Swift excel. In compliance with our company's mission, Swift Estimator insures the most up-to-date cost information used in deriving estimated property costs. Swift Estimator estimates are available for residential and manufactured housing. Reports cost $7-$8, based on quantity purchased.

Saving time is saving money. Marshall & Swift Estimator as one of the many new time-saving, online options currently featured in Appraise-It Appraisals.


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