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What's new in Appraise-It Pro?

Every version includes dozens of bug and stability fixes as well as other improvements; the bullet points included here summarize major new features in each version. For a detailed list of changes, go to SupportWhat's New in Appraise-It Pro.

Appraise-It Pro 1.6 (released 11/28/19)

  • Import Comparables feature allows quick reuse of comps from existing reports and MISMO XML
  • Ability to index MISMO XML files for inclusion in the Search panel, Comp Manager, and the Validator panel's AQM consistency checking
  • New primary form: HUD 92051 Compliance Inspection Report (exp. 9/30/20)
  • New addenda: HUD 92051 Compliance Inspection Report (exp. 9/30/20), VA Compliance Inspection Report (10/17), Appraiser Disclosure Statement (12/18), form-specific rental comparable photos

Appraise-It Pro 1.5 (released 10/28/19)

  • New primary form: Solidifi Flex Desktop (1/19)

Appraise-It Pro 1.4 (released 9/16/19)

  • Text fields now support single-line Lua expressions; for example, typing "=65000-52500" in a text field will set the field to "12500"
  • The Assesor's Parecel Number is now searchable on the Search panel
  • The Add/Remove Forms dialog now automatically adds comparable photo addenda alongside its comparables addendum
  • The Form Processing panel under Settings now allows you to control the behavior of ==s, ==1, etc. in a comparable's Street Address field

Appraise-It Pro 1.3 (released 9/3/19)

  • Support for pre-report Workfile folders added
  • "Paste Formatted Text" menu item added for text fields that allows pasting formatted rich text from text fields and word proccessing editors
  • Improved help support throughout the application
  • Chat support and remote assistance now use LogMeIn Rescue

Appraise-It Pro 1.2 (released 6/26/19)

  • Improved EAD support: simplified FHA-compatible MISMO XML export process and added automatic generation of self-signed digital certificates
  • Support for Global Responses
  • The Report pane's navigation menu has been improved
  • Lenders and Neighborhood dialogs now supports transferring to the report by double-clicking on list items
  • CLVS Connection now allows invoice addenda to be included in New York appraisals

Appraise-It Pro 1.1 (released 5/28/19)

  • Select All button added to the ribbon and context menu for the text fields and word processing editor
  • Multiple corrections and improvements made to the forms library and MISMO import
  • New primary form: Pro Teck Desktop Appraisal Report (7/18)

Appraise-It Pro 1.0

  • Completely rewritten from the ground up on a modern software platform
  • Open MISMO 2.6 or 2.6SGE XML files natively
  • Acts as a report/MISMO XML viewer when unlicensed
  • Improved form management: reports only contain the forms you add, forms can be added and removed on the fly, unlimited repeatable addenda (comps, photos, sketches, word processing pages, PDF pages, etc.), swap primary forms on the fly (i.e. convert a 1004 to a 2055)
  • Vastly improved form editor and interface
  • Real-time report validation notifies you of issues as you fill out your report
  • Reports can be secured for reading and editing with passwords
  • Create your own digital signature
  • Simplified product registration
  • Expanded camera and scanner support (both TWAIN and WIA devices)
  • Automatic image optimization to reduce report file size
  • Powerful scripting and integration APIs to support custom workflows


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