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How do I use AIReady?

Many clients now prefer or even require reports to be uploaded via AppraisalPort. Appraise-It is fully AIReady-compliant.

1. In Appraise-It, open the completed, signed report you wish to upload.
2. Go to OrdersAIReady Upload Report.
3. If you are uploading a UAD report, the UAD Validator will run. On the Upload Report via AI Ready screen, select the pages of the report you wish to include in your upload.

  • Note that while you do have access to your standard print schemes, you cannot control the final page order, only which pages are included. AppraisalPort controls the final page order.

4. You have three options concerning how your Extended Comments are uploaded to AppraisalPort.

  • Convert Extended Comments to Text Addendum: Your Extended Comments are uploaded as a text addendum. This is the default selection, and the behavior of the original AIReady uploader.
  • Convert Extended Comments to Exhibit Page: Your Extended Comments are uploaded as image files in Exhibit Pages.
  • Attach Extended Comments to Main Form: Your Extended Comments are appended to their respective fields in the main form.

5. You can enable or disable the automatic conversion of overflow forms to Additional Map addenda. Note that any unsupported forms you have selected in step 3 will always be converted to Exhibit Pages.

  • AppraisalPort has set limits on how many of certain attachment types you can include in an upload. If your report exceeds any of these limitations, you have the option of removing the overflow pages or converting them to Exhibit Pages.

6. When you have made your selections, click Continue.
7. Once your report is converted into AppraisalPort's upload format, you will see a Validation Summary screen, listing the status of your report's conversion. Click Continue.

  • If the Continue button is not available, there are issues you need to address. For each issue, select whether you want the data converted to an Exhibit Page or removed from the upload.
  • Note that there is a limit of 50 Exhibit Pages; if you have more than 50, you will need to remove some before you can continue. Including PDFs in your report upload is a common cause of exceeding this limit.

8. Your report will load into the OADI Envelope Uploader, allowing you to preview it before sending. Exhibit Pages will appear in the Pages dropdown as Additional Maps.
9. If this is your first time using AIReady, click Connections on the toolbar. Use the Connections dialog to enter your AppraisalPort account information, then click OK
10. Use the Send button to upload your report. 


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