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How do I use common responses in Appraise-It Classic?

One of Appraise-It's features, intended to save you time and effort while writing reports, is called Common Responses. This is a database system that allows you to save frequently-used text in each form, so that you don't need to enter the same text over and over on every report.

The Common Response system saves text in a database, based on what form you're working in and what field of that form you're in. Common Responses saved for a 1004's Subject field won't show up when you look at other fields in the 1004, or Subject fields in other forms. A similar database, called Global Responses, is located under the Tools menu, and allows you to save text that can be entered into any field on any form.

A subset of saved Common Responses are often referred to as F-Keys. F-Keys are Common Responses that have been mapped to a function key on your keyboard (F3 through F8) and are displayed when you enter a field in the F-Key Bar, underneath the standard tool bar.

F-Key Bar

An F-Key Bar with Common Responses assigned to F3, F4, and F5.

Saving Common Responses
There are two different ways to save Common Responses to your database.

The fastest way to add a Common Response to the database is to add it as an F-Key. To do so, simply click in the field whose text you want added, then hold down "CTRL+ALT+Fx", with Fx being the F-Key you want the Response assigned to (i.e. "CTRL+ALT+F8" will add the text to the F8 F-Key). The text will appear in the F-Key Bar under the specified F-Key.

If you want more options when creating the Response, or you don't want the Response to be an F-Key, you can use the Common Response Manager, available by clicking the Lightning T icon on the toolbar, or by going to FieldCommon Responses. Either option will open the Common Response Manager displaying the information for the field you were in when you opened it.

Common Response Toolbar Button
The Lightning T icon.

Common Response Manager
The Common Response Manager window, displaying available Responses for the Lender Address field.
Note that Responses assigned to an F-Key show which F-Key they are assigned to after their title.

To enter a new Common Response here, click New at the bottom left, then enter your Title, select the Type, select the Hotkey option, then enter the Data.

Title – This appears in the list in the Common Response Manager, in the Quick Responses window, and in the F-Key Bar if the Response is assigned to an F-Key. It should be short: a few words that will remind you what the Response contains.

Type – Responses can either be Macros or Text. Macros are like small programs that can run when you select that Response, i.e. to transfer data from one field to another. Text is just plain text, but can be set to Overwrite or Append. Overwrite means that when you use that Response in a field, any text already entered in that field will be removed. Append means that when you use that Response in a field, the contents of the Response will be added to the end of any text already entered.

Hotkey – This section lets you specify if you want your Response assigned to an F-Key. If you don't want it assigned to an F-Key, select Off

Data – This section shows the actual contents of the Response. If it's a Macro, it will be code. If it's a Text, it will be plain text.

Once you have entered the Title, selected the Type, selected the Hotkey option, and entered the Data, click Save. The Response will appear in the list on the left, and in the F-Key Bar if it was assigned to an F-Key.

Editing Common Responses

If you need to make changes to an existing Common Response, you can do so using the Common Response Manager. Click the Lightning T icon or go to FieldCommon Responses. Select the Response you wish to edit from the list on the left, then make changes to it on the right in the Title, Type, Hotkey, or Data sections. When you're done, click Save, then close the Manager.

Loading Common Responses

There are several ways to load saved Common Responses into your report.

If the Response is saved as an F-Key, simply tap the appropriate F-Key on your keyboard. You can also click the appropriate F-Key on the F-Key Bar.

All Common Responses are available in the Quick Responses window. Hit "F2" to open the window, which displays a list of available Common Responses by title. Select a Response to preview its contents, then click OK to load the Response. If you decide the Response needs to be changed, click Edit to launch the Common Response Manager.

Quick Responses Window
The Quick Responses window.

You can also use the Common Response Manager itself to load Responses. Click the Lightning T icon or go to FieldCommon Responses. Select the Response you wish to load in the list on the left, then click OK.


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