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How do I use Appraise-It Flood Maps?

Appraise-It Flood Maps allows you to insert flood data and professional-looking flood maps into your appraisal report. Lookups must be pre-purchased from our Sales department before using this service.

1. Open your report in Appraise-It. Make sure you have the subject address filled out.
2. Go to ServicesFlood Maps. The Flood Maps application will load the necessary data from your report and open.
3. Your subject address will appear at the top of the pane on the right. Geolocation coordinates are required to place your address marker on your flood map.

  • If you've already used Appraise-It Street Maps in this report, Flood Maps will reuse the existing coordinates to ensure your marker is accurate. The coordinates will appear below your subject address. Click Get Map to proceed.
  • If you already have decimal coordinates from another source, such as a handheld GPS unit, you can check the Use Coordinates box, then enter the latitude and longitude in the fields provided. After doing so, click Get Map.
  • Flood Maps can geocode your address for you. Click Geocode Address, confirm the detected location, then click Get Map.

4. Your map will be downloaded and displayed for confirmation. Note: You have not yet been charged for the lookup. You can make an unlimited number of adjustments to the map on this screen.

  • If the marker placement is inaccurate, click and drag the marker to the correct location, then click Zoom / Center Map.
  • If you would like to zoom in or out, adjust the slider at the top of the pane on the right, then click Zoom /Center Map.

5. Click Get Flood Data.
6. Your flood map and associated data will be downloaded and displayed, and one map lookup will be deducted from your account. You can make adjustments in the pane on the right to your data.
7. To transfer the map and data to your report, click Transfer Data.

  • If you'd like to save a copy of your flood map as a JPG image, click Save Image.
  • If you'd like to copy your flood map to your clipboard as a JPG image, click Copy Image to Clipboard.

8. Once you have transferred your data, click the X button at the upper right of the window to close Flood Maps.


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