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How do I install my digital signature?

If you have not yet received your digital signature file, contact our Sales department. If you previously had your digital signature installed but can no longer find the digital.sig file, click here.

Appraise-It 9.0 and Above
Please note that you must have the correct licensed user active to follow these steps. If you are installing a different user's signature, you must change licensed user to activate them first.

1. Save the digital.sig file to the ADMIN folder inside the TRADATA folder.
2. In Appraise-It, go to ActionChange User Info.
3. Click Signature at the bottom of the user information dialog.
4. Select the digital.sig file and click Open.
5. The default password is "password" without quotation marks. Enter it when prompted and click OK.
6. Click OK to save the signature and close the dialog.


You can now digitally sign your reports in Appraise-It by going to ActionSign/Unsign Report or clicking the Sign/Unsign Report button on the toolbar.

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February 14, 2019

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