BuildFax delivered directly
into your appraisal reports

BuildFax reports include a summary of permit activity on the
subject and comparable properties.

SFREP Build Fax

BuildFax reports provide documentation of additions, remodels, major repairs, demolitions, and more.

There are few professions under as much pressure as real estate appraisers--QA, forensic reviews, documentation, "customary and reasonable fees," and changing quidelines. BuildFax provides real documentation to back up your property appraisals.

SFREP Buildfax Property

BuildFax is a one-stop shop for building, remodel, and repair
information for over 70 million U.S. properties.

BuildFax collects and organizes construction records on millions of properties from cities and
counties across the United States. Once in our system, we analyze, mine and compare the
data so that it becomes like a "background check" on a property. We have data on new construction
major systems repair, additions, renovations, roofs, pools, demolitions, contractors and more.

SFREP Buildfax Construction

Construction Activity & Detailed Permit Information

BuildFax identifies and verifies renovations and improvements
going back15 years as required by the new UAD rules.

BuildFax confirms important details that are necessary to your evaluation of the
age, condition, quality, and functionality of the property. BuildFax provides the
permit number, date, amount, contractor, and description of work completed.

SFREP Buildfax Risk

Uncover Potential Risk Factors and Unpermitted Renovations

BuildFax uncovers potential valuation issues from termites, flooding, wind, fire,
seismic activity, etc.

Buildfax also reduces the appraiser's liability by helping to identify unpermitted

Did You Know that lenders are using BuildFax reports to verify the accuracy of the appraiser's analysis? As an appraiser, shouldn't YOU have access to the same BuildFax property information?

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